Wedding planned.

Invitations Ordered.

Envelopes Hand Calligraphed.

Wedding Postponed.


The rescheduling of weddings and events is a process and has definitely lead to a lot of upset couples and families.  You have secured your new date and moved all of your vendors but need to let your guests know about the changes.  Most couples sent out either a paperless post to advise all friends and family of their new date, while others opted to send out a save the “new” date card to their wedding guests!

Reach out to all of your guests and get their addresses PRIOR to sending out the new invitations.  No matter where you are in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has lead to a lot of people fleeing areas and moving to new residences.  This is something that can be temporary or a full blown relocation.  It is important to get all updated addresses prior to moving forward with sending out your invitations.

Save time. Save yourself from extra stress and expense. Using can make this process seamless and easy! You send out a text link to your guests and they fill out the form that will then update and populate to a spreadsheet for you.