Planning a wedding is supposed to be a happy time! A time to plan the dream day that you have imagined since you were a little girl or boy. It is a time when you come together with family and friends and celebrate the love that you found and the future you are going to share with your significant other. Guests will travel near and far to celebrate this joyous occasion with you, your fiancé and family.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans for those scheduled to wed in 2020.

The questions are endless, and the uncertainty is overwhelming . . .

What are we supposed to do about our scheduled wedding day?
How do I postpone my wedding day?
How far out do we postpone?
Will my venue let me postpone?
Will my vendors be available?
Will there be dates at our venue in the next year?

Starting mid-March, I have worked with my Forever Young couples to reschedule their wedding plans. Some clients had to change the wedding with only 72 hours to make the move, some had a few weeks and others had a few months until their wedding day.

Currently, the NYS guidelines for weddings and social gatherings are pretty strict. 50 people max. NO dancing. Masks are mandatory. Social distancing.

Stay updated with the NYS guidelines