COVID-19 has caused a lot of couples to scramble and change their wedding day plans. The Covid-19 pandemic began impacting weddings starting in March.  Wedding plans are in full motion when the date is selected and the venue is chosen and secured. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, couples who had wedding plans in 2020 are scrambling for new dates in 2021.

Every couple chooses a date to have their wedding. That date then becomes a significant date in their lives. If it was not already an anniversary, birthday, or special date PRIOR to picking it as a wedding date … it becomes a SPECIAL date when the couple signs the contract with the venue.

Did you move your wedding to 2021 and beyond but still want to celebrate your original date?  You can still celebrate your wedding day.  You can still celebrate with the ones you love and adore.  The health of you and your loved ones should be a priority throughout the planning and postponement process and therefore I am here to help you with some options to keep your spirit up!

Micro-Weddings and Minimonies are becoming the trend for those who are choosing to still celebrate on their original date!

What is a Micro-Wedding?
The Micro-Wedding is a wedding celebration of 50 guests or less, including your immediate family and close friends. Think of this as a cross between a minimony and the traditional wedding that you had envisioned. A micro-wedding is not necessarily a cheap affair. This is for a couple who wants to spend money on the finer details and make the small affair a memorable one as they are not going to be postponing and having their traditional wedding in the future.

What is a Minimony?
The Minimony is a mini ceremony that is celebrated with immediate family, typically 10-15 people. A minimony allows you to celebrate your original date, commit yourself to one another, and exchange your vows in front of your family and loved ones.

It is YOUR wedding day and however, you chose to celebrate will always be a fabulous and memorable day with those who love and adore you!